On Houses and Teaching…

I gave my first drum lesson on Saturday. Teaching a little lad who’s never touched a drumkit before. Started him off on a nice simple quarter note pattern, which he picked up really quickly! I was actually quite nervous about it, hopefully as I do it more that will not be a problem. I’ve got another one starting this coming Saturday.

Finally headed up the Black Panther with Power Centre Reverse Dot batter and Glass 500 snare side heads. Sounds awesome!

In other news, Katie and I are planning to buy a house! Well, more than just planning, we’ve got some viewings already booked for this week and weekend. Seeing one on Wednesday (although probably a no goer due to the lack of garden) and seeing five on Saturday afternoon. Hoping that we fall in love with one with a cellar, as that would be ideal for practicing drums!


2 thoughts on “On Houses and Teaching…

  1. Hey Danbee, i did a Google search and ran across your blog’s mentioning your new snare, hi-hat set-up and cymbals. As it turns out, i just ordered a Black Panther 14 x 6.5 steel version, which is what i think you have too. On top of that, i also am a big fan of the Evans Power center reverse dot center head and intend to use that too. Just purchased a pair of Janus Ergo foot pedals for my kicks a few weeks back, so it seems that we have very similar preferences. Just wondering if you’ve got any tips / further observations about these products since you’ve had them for a while? If you’ve got the time and don’t mind, can you drop me an email with your comments? I don’t know if i’ll ever be able to find your blog again, hence the request for direct correspondance. Sean in Chicago aw_dee_oAThotmail.com

  2. Apologies for not replying to this sooner. I kinda forgot it was even here…

    Anyway, I bought a 14×5.5 Maple snare so it’ll sound a bit different to the steel version. Suffice to say it sounds awesome with the Evans heads on, as I’m sure the steel version will too 🙂

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