Linux Revisited

I’ve managed to solve my SVN woes on Linux. It’s not the ideal solution, but it works and it’s called SmartSVN. It’s Java based and it’s not obvious from the website that there is a free version available, which is why I skipped it before.


Oh Linux…

I’m trying Linux on my work machine again, and it’s been fine for about 2 weeks. I’ve just arrived at the very problem that made me switch back to Windows the last time… lack of any decent SVN clients. There simply isn’t anything that is as quick and friendly as TortoiseSVN, and it looks like I may have to resort to the shell if I want to carry on using Linux for development.


It also doesn’t help that Linux doesn’t have a system wide way of addressing network shares (like UNC paths on Windows). I know Gnome lets you say things like ‘smb://myserver/myshare’, but it requires application support. And yes, I know that I can mount SMB shares directly into the filesystem, but this has it’s own problems.

Dusting Away The Cobwebs…

I’ve neglected this blog a bit of late. It’s all been rather busy and I just haven’t really had much to post about. Coupla things though…

The Z-5400’s are absolutely brilliant speakers! There is a bit of noise (I’m guessing from the analogue inputs, it doesn’t seem to be there when I use the SPDIF input) but you only really notice it when the volume is up and there’s nothing playing, and let’s face it that’s not going to be often is it! They have a really nice balance to the sound, no frequency range seems overpowering (although the sub certainly can rumble!) and are very clear.

I have also finally got some pictures of my new drums up too.


The Z-5400’s arrived yesterday, and I managed to find a bit of time to set them up and have a quick listen. First impressions are good, the sound is balanced and the sub integrates well with the satellites and does not overpower them.

My only concern is that the analogue inputs seem to be a little noisy. Although I haven’t tried the digital inputs yet.

Speaker, speaker, speaker!

I seem to be going a bit speaker mad of late. I’ve recently bought a Kef Q6C centre speaker for my HT system, and a pair of Kef Cresta 10’s for the back room (music and digital piano).

I also shifted the back room about quite a bit and decided in the process that it’s about time I replaced my faithful Yamaha YST-M40’s with something a bit newer, and a bit more surroundy, if you get what I mean.

So, at some point soon, I fully indend to get myself some of these.

Logitech Z-5400

ScreamTracker Nostalgia Trip

I just found all my old ScreamTracker files from years and years ago (well, we’re talking 12 or more years ago). It’s quite a nostalgia trip listening back to them, and it made me realise how far trackers have come. I’m currently getting the hang of Renoise, which is going quite well so far.

I was going to try and upload a couple, but only accepts images and a few document types. I’ll have to host them elsewhere and link me thinks.