The Anti-social Social?

It would seem, that with the popularity of Facebook, that it’s no longer the done thing to communicate online by writing messages. Now we do it by poking, prodding and hugging people virtually.

Morse code poking anyone?


Merry Christmas!

Hope everybody is having a wonderful Christmas. Mine has been stressful for a couple of reasons, but otherwise very nice 🙂

I’ve decided to buy myself a Wii, as I got a nice Christmas bonus from work, but I’ll be damned if I can find one right now. I might have to wait until January.

The Cinder Cone is Mine!

Finally, after 3 and a half weeks of waiting (I was told it would take 2), my Cyclescheme voucher turned up on Saturday. So I’ve had the bike a few days now and I’ve been taking advantage of the fact that I’m on holiday too!

It’s an awesome bike. Very different to my old one so it’s taken some getting used to. First time I’ve had any kind of suspension and also the first time I’ve ever had a bike with disc brakes. They rock!

Me and my Kona

Cycling on the Road

Now I don't normally have too many problems with cars when I'm on the road cycling somewhere, but this morning I decided that every driver should have to spend time cycling on the road, just so they know what it's like when a car gets a bit close.

It happened to me about 3-4 times this morning on one stretch, and it's scary! Car wing mirrors just happen to be roughly the same height as bicycle handle bars, so there's every chance of a car getting too close and knocking me off. Not to mention the push of air you get when they speed past, that's enough to make me wobble!

I think I'm going to start riding a little further out from the curb on that stretch, because it means cars can't just fly past.