Dusting Away The Cobwebs…

I’ve neglected this blog a bit of late. It’s all been rather busy and I just haven’t really had much to post about. Coupla things though…

The Z-5400’s are absolutely brilliant speakers! There is a bit of noise (I’m guessing from the analogue inputs, it doesn’t seem to be there when I use the SPDIF input) but you only really notice it when the volume is up and there’s nothing playing, and let’s face it that’s not going to be often is it! They have a really nice balance to the sound, no frequency range seems overpowering (although the sub certainly can rumble!) and are very clear.

I have also finally got some pictures of my new drums up too.


Merry Christmas!

Hope everybody is having a wonderful Christmas. Mine has been stressful for a couple of reasons, but otherwise very nice 🙂

I’ve decided to buy myself a Wii, as I got a nice Christmas bonus from work, but I’ll be damned if I can find one right now. I might have to wait until January.

Found one!

Oh my God! We fell in love with a house on Saturday! Most of the ones we’d seen simply weren’t big enough, but this one had loads of space, and the layout was perfect. An internal garage means I can practice my drumming (hopefully we’ll have understanding neighbours!) and we’ve got enough bedrooms that friends and family can come and stay without getting in the way.

We’ve already put one offer in and had it turned down, so we’re onto our second offer now. Keeping fingers crossed about that one…

On Houses and Teaching…

I gave my first drum lesson on Saturday. Teaching a little lad who’s never touched a drumkit before. Started him off on a nice simple quarter note pattern, which he picked up really quickly! I was actually quite nervous about it, hopefully as I do it more that will not be a problem. I’ve got another one starting this coming Saturday.

Finally headed up the Black Panther with Power Centre Reverse Dot batter and Glass 500 snare side heads. Sounds awesome!

In other news, Katie and I are planning to buy a house! Well, more than just planning, we’ve got some viewings already booked for this week and weekend. Seeing one on Wednesday (although probably a no goer due to the lack of garden) and seeing five on Saturday afternoon. Hoping that we fall in love with one with a cellar, as that would be ideal for practicing drums!