I just bought some speakers for my digital piano. I seem to have forgotten how to play everything though!

Kef Cresta 10’s


Merry Christmas!

Hope everybody is having a wonderful Christmas. Mine has been stressful for a couple of reasons, but otherwise very nice 🙂

I’ve decided to buy myself a Wii, as I got a nice Christmas bonus from work, but I’ll be damned if I can find one right now. I might have to wait until January.

ScreamTracker Nostalgia Trip

I just found all my old ScreamTracker files from years and years ago (well, we’re talking 12 or more years ago). It’s quite a nostalgia trip listening back to them, and it made me realise how far trackers have come. I’m currently getting the hang of Renoise, which is going quite well so far.

I was going to try and upload a couple, but WordPress.com only accepts images and a few document types. I’ll have to host them elsewhere and link me thinks.